7 Transforming Principles to Increase Happiness, Work­Life Balance and the Self­Worth of Your Inner Child

This book is written with the intent that the readers can gain the maximum benefits and effectiveness in transforming their “Business, Career and Personal Life” from where they are to where they want to be with ease and fun. This is a series of three books commencing with this book as Book One.

Book One consists of 7 principles to guide the transformation process. These principles act as sign posts to assure the readers that they are on the right track.

Book Two consists of 7 Steps to follow to reach the desired outcome. The content of the book takes the readers step by step through their transformation journey. There is no second­guessing here! The journey will be pleasant and rewarding.

Book Three provides the motivational aspects to ensure that the readers keep pursuing their goals day in and day out without stopping. The motivational elements outlined in the book act as the glue between the steps in the previous books.

The Series contains a complete process of transforming your business, career or personal life at any stage of the growth cycle. By following this proven system that the author has used for herself and her clients over a period of 25 years, the desired results are assured!

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